Virtual Team India is proud to present to you the entire gamut of civil engineering services among other engineering services. We are an offshore outsourcing firm providing specialized engineering services for a number of our clients for economical charges. Whether you are a startup or an established business, we make sure that you get the best-dedicated team of civil engineers without needing to burn a hole in your pocket.

As we offer remote civil engineering solutions, we ensure that we take care of the staffing need of your company while you focus on your business growth. We essentially hire for your company without you needing to worry about paying thousands of dollars to engineers onsite. There has been a vast shift in how workplaces operate in the modern century and more companies and professionals are now adapting to the idea of a virtual workplace. By hiring a team of remote, dedicated civil engineers, you won’t just get to save money but also get highly skilled services from talent living in the other part of the world. Why let geography hinder your business growth when you can move ahead of the competition and be a pioneer in the industry with outsourcing.

Outsource civil engineering services with Virtual Team India for varied specializations:

CAD Conversion services

Times have changed and the paper era is gone. Now is the time for CAD converted mechanical, architectural drawings. We offer dedicated engineers who can provide comprehensive paper to CAD conversion and other services that smoothen up the further tasks of archiving, copying, editing, etc for the company.

MEP Design and Drafting Services

Our engineers have an abundance of experience in designing key MEP solutions completely from design to comprehensive analysis of the MEP. Our team of designers is well skilled in the latest software programs and will provide you services as per your requirement.

HVAC Services

We offer dedicated teams that provide a complete array of services beginning from planning to draft the HVAC requirements for all global projects. We can provide the complete set of civil engineers, architects, builders with the equipment and technologies to make your project a success.

Construction Drawing Services

Our all-inclusive engineering drawings can be used for all functions from analysis to execution for the construction process. We will hire a dedicated team of engineers for you keeping in mind that they are well experienced and highly skilled in all sorts of civil engineering tools, technologies, and manual work.

We also offer offshore civil engineering services specializing in Geospatial solutions, civil information modeling services, 5D simulation services, drainage design services, etc. We cover the whole spectrum of civil engineering services for our clients so if you have any requirements, get in touch with us now!

What are the benefits of outsourcing civil engineering services?

Are you confused regarding whether you should hire a civil engineering company on your own or outsource dedicated civil engineers through a third party? We understand that you might be worried about outsourcing risks as outsourcing comes with its own set of perils. We understand your concern which is why we have compiled a list of advantages that you will have if you outsource your civil engineering services through us:

Control overhead costs

Outsourcing civil engineering services through us will help you control your operation cost by cutting down the cost of labor along with investment costs. The saved revenue can further be directed into other business functions.

Get best in class engineers and technology

By using our offshore outsourcing services, you will get access to the best in class technology and highly-skilled engineers who have plenty of experience. Moreover, we will employ the latest software, tools, and services for your use so you’d be able to tap into new potential without needing to invest in the resources. So, you will get the perfect combination of the latest tools and skilled engineers, all in one place for a much lesser operation cost.

Dedicated resource management

When you outsource civil engineering services, you get the flexibility of leveraging appropriate engineering resources when and as you require them without having invested in permanent resources. You will be able to improve the flexibility of your company which will further let your expand your operations and take on more challenging projects that pay better.

Improved focus

As we provide you dedicated civil engineers for specific projects, their resources will be directed towards completing the job. Thus by outsourcing, you can easily shift your focus towards business activities while our engineers focus on finishing the job with perfection. Your engineering firm is vital to us and we work to uphold your reputation so regardless of how challenging the project is, we take it hands-on and provide the best possible services for all our clients. If you are worried about trust or wonder how much control you would have over the project then we assure you that our paperwork will give your comprehensive control of the project and through modern tools, we let you peek into the working of our engineers who work day and night to finish projects in time with quality and flair.

We will provide you regular reports on the progress of the report, and ensure that the services of our dedicated civil engineers meet with your expectations.

Why work with Virtual Team India?

We at Virtual Team India believe in working harder and smarter while staying open to challenges so that we can bring great results and wow the clients with our dedicated team of civil engineers.

We are global and cost-effective

We work out of India and provide the best Civil Engineering Services in USA and overseas with our team of dedicated engineers who are highly skilled and experienced. Our services let you streamline your operations while you get to expand without increasing your operational cost.

Top-notch tools and techniques

Our certified engineers employ modern engineering tools and technologies to enhance productivity, keep quality high, and cut down the delivery time.

Expertise across different industries

At Virtual Team India, we prioritize our clients and spare no effort to provide the finest of services. We may have been talking about civil engineering through this page but we do much more than that. We provide an array of engineering services so whether your architecture or mechanical engineering in mind, just contact us and we will provide you a dedicated team of engineers at remotely within your budget.