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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Virtual Team India, we offer employment benefits to all.

We are a huge believer of autonomy and our work is centered around bringing inclusivity and diversity into the workplace. We are fundamentally a staffing firm so we bring candidates and opportunities closer. Thus we use our best ability to perform our Corporate Social Responsibility. As part of our CSR, we work on bringing specially abled professionals closer to work opportunities and find them work.

As we have established before that we are fundamentally a staffing firm and provide remote workforce to professionals and companies needing them. So, we involve specially abled professionals in our remote work scheme and make them work for an honest living through this option.

India is an independent country and it is indeed true that everyone should have the right to live with dignity that only happens when people have a self-sustaining professional life. Depending on your skills, you can find the job you like and based on that, you can earn a decent and honest living which will help you live in a dignified manner.

How is our CSR different?

Many companies perform CSR in a way that they give away some money and products in kind to specially abled people. But we don’t believe in giving away money or products in kind to people who deserve to live with respect and dignity and earn a living using their skills. Instead, we bring them closer to the opportunities that will help them get employed and earn a living like anyone else.

There is a deep psychological impact that affects a person who is bestowed some charity. People lose self-respect when they see people doing charity for them and they become something of a cause. But specially abled people who have education and skills supporting them aren’t a cause but instead professionals who can be employed by companies.

Why bestow some sort of honour or charity upon someone disabled when you can use their services and pay them accordingly and help them become independent?

If you have the right skills then we have the right opportunity for you. We will make sure that you revel in the job and become proficient so you progress further with the opportunity.

As part of our CSR initiative, we offer comprehensive employment to specially-abled people and make sure that they practice their right to live with dignity and earn a living while becoming financially and professionally independent.

If you are keen on hiring specially-disabled people for your company and wondering where to start, then you have come to the right place. We will help you at every step of the process and provide you with talent that you have been searching for.

Employment for persons with disabilities

Finding a job as a specially abled professional is hard. Many companies don’t employ specially abled people because of their disability or perhaps because they have high-pressure work that the companies think the specially abled professional won’t be able to manage.

But we beg to differ. We understand that while specially abled people can’t all work in a high-pressure, high-mobility department but they will revel in other work that they can easily do from their desk.

There are several reasons because of which you should employ specially abled employees:

  1. They are reliable employees and less likely to quit their jobs

Numerous studies have shown that employees with disabilities take much lesser absence days. And, since they don’t find employment easily, they are much more likely to stay on the job for longer than non-disabled professionals.

  1. There will be less chances of work related accident with employees with disabilities

There are two studies that prove this point. One from the Department of Labor Statistics that was conducted during the 1940s and a more recent one conducted by the DuPont company. Both studies conclude that workers with disabilities perform significantly higher than their non-disabled counterparts in the area of safety. In simpler words, employees with disabilities are far more aware of safety at the workplace. Both studies scrutinized different sorts of jobs, and changing factors that affect jobs.

  1. Organizations that help disabled to find jobs or get jobs or hire them directly may receive tax benefits or other incentives

Many governments provide tax incentives and benefits to eligible businesses to aid them in accommodating professionals with disabilities. Most of these incentives are awarded for expenses that are usually incurred in things like buying adaptive equipment for professionals with disabilities. Companies may be needed to make the building more accessible for professionals with disabilities so tax benefits also help with that.

  1. Workers with disabilities will help you make your workplace more diverse

We are living in a global era which values diversity in a workplace. Both workers with and without disabilities find equal advantages from an ethnically and physically diverse work setting. As professionals work alongside employees with disabilities, they learn how to make the environment more inclusive to benefit the professionals with disabilities. They will begin to consider things that they have never considered before and will grow as an individual. Employees with disabilities can also blend in with their coworkers and teach them about resolving problems with a creative approach and how to accomplish different tasks without taking the mainstream approach.

  1. People with disabilities are as talented, capable and strong as anyone!

Employers must understand that people with disabilities are just as capable as anyone and they are often refused opportunities because employers think that they won’t be able to perform a particular task. There are many adaptive techniques and devices that help individuals with disabilities to work and perform like anyone else so they should be hired. People with disabilities can be trusted and hired as they apply only to jobs that they think they have the skills for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do companies hire disabled workers?

Professionals with disabilities have higher job retention rates, they boost employee morale and focus on providing the best performance. Moreover, they help improve the image of the company in the community.  Like everyone else, disabled workers deserve a chance to make a decent living like a professional as they are educated and skilled.

  • What jobs are Specially abled people can do?

People with disabilities can work numerous jobs based on what their disability is. They can work as a Medical administrative assistant or in call centers, or as a counsellor or as an accounting specialist, or as a legal assistant or pharmacy technician, etc. There are plenty of jobs for professionals with skills and disabilities.

  • What are the advantages of hiring disabled workers?

Hiring people with disabilities helps you bring diversity into the workplace and improves your goodwill in the society. It also gets you trustworthy employees who work hard and you get great talent that takes fewer paid leaves and maintains a high job retention rate.

  • Does Virtual Team India solely provide disabled workers?

No. Virtual Team India is a socially responsible staffing firm that provides comprehensive staff for all sorts of opportunities. Out of their 100% staffing, they provide 25-30% opportunities for workers with disabilities. So out of the whole, ¼ of the professionals the Virtual Team India provides is professionals with disabilities.

For more information on our CSR activities, feel free to contact us.