Q: How will our business-sensitive data remain secure?

Knowing the importance of security of customer data ,VTI has taken special security measures ,like:

  1. While providing virtual staff ,VTI signs a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with client and prospective employee both.
  2. Our security team maintains outbound and inbound data secure by installing VPNs (virtual private
    networks) and firewalls .
  3. All laptops and PC workstations are devoid of any external access and storage devices like pen drives, CD drives,USP ports etc.
  4. To eliminate any unauthorized use of data ,VTI has maintained every system and every employee email account password –protected.
  5. VTI regularly installs the latest anti-virus software and updates to safe guard its servers.
  6. VTI employees can enter in the premises with access cards and armed security guard our premises by 24/7 Either party, VTI or the client can terminate the contract by prior giving 30 days written notice to the other party. You can submit request for termination as early as 30 days ahead of when you would like the contract to end.