Why We Indians ?

The literacy rate in our India is above 85% as higher education has been the first priority here ,so it has made us third largest English speaking country in the world . Every year nearly 25 ,00000 graduates and 15,00000 post graduate are produced in our private and public universities in different streams like computer science, business administration,marketing and communications, mass media and in many more fields.

How is VTI finding the best candidates ?

Our recruitment team has access to resume databases and we advertise roles across multiple job sites, where they are able to reach to top candidates. We also check references before we present you with a resume to review.

What are different jobs that can we outsource?

Jobs that require specialized skills can easily be filled by VTI . It includes web and graphic design, bookkeeping and accounting, software developer and testing ,customer support, lead generation,digital marketing , virtual assistance and many more .

How many hours per week do the staff work ?

Staff work a minimum of 20 hours/ week and can work up to 40 hours/ week. To work overtime, which is billed at the 1.5 times hourly rate.

Do I need to pay in advance before I start working with my employee?

Yes. If you want to hire an employee, VTI wants invoice receipt for first month before the employee actually starts working.

What are the modes of payment?

Payoneer, Paypal, Google Checkout, Wire/ bank Transfer.

What are the benefits of using VTI versus scouting for candidates by the organization itself?

VTI manages tasks like pre-screening candidates, completing reference checks, and taking care of payroll and HR requirements which enables the organization to concentrate on their core activities effectively