Running a successful business is based on three major attributes – a great, sustainable idea, an appetite for risk, and the knowledge of where you could save costs. While having a great idea and running business operations will keep your business growing, you still need to cut whatever extra costs you can to make sure you can put your capital to better use. One way to cut down on overall costs is to hire virtual employees by using outsourcing services. While it may be difficult to connect with and manage remotely working employees, you will need proper tools and softwares to accomplish your outsourcing goals. A second installment in the two-part – “Top Virtual Assistant Tools to Hire and Manage Remote Employees”, this blog post lists some of the useful remote virtual employee management tools you can use to manage offshore teams that cater to your business needs. Take a look.


BeyondTrust is a trusted remote virtual management tool where you can have password-protected online sessions with your employees. With this tool, you can remotely control the apps and drives your remote employees can access on their systems, ensuring premium protection. You can also run audits on the systems of your remote employees and employ the tool’s vulnerability management tool in case you find a threat. Unlike other remote virtual management tools, BeyondTrust also offers to address any security threat to your collaborative networks and mitigate the risk.


Slack is an American-based remote collaboration tool. Using the software, you can make online workspaces where your virtual employees can brainstorm ideas. The tool also offers real-time one-on-one and group conversation threads. You can also make video calls and share files and links chat windows. One of the outstanding features include Slack App Directory where you can integrate other apps for ease of access. Slack also has safety features such as 2FA and SSO, ensuring maximum data protection that you share through the tool.


Trello is a another reliable remote virtual employee management tool where you can connect with and manage your offshore employees. The tool offers boards, lists, and cards so you can keep your work and collaboration organized. You can choose to make separate team tasks for different and track individual employee activity. The tool also allows you to integrate the apps your teams already use for easier and more convenient use. You can download trello as a software on your desktop or app on your phone and tablet, and the app will be synced on all your devices.

Wrap Up

While this blog gives you a list and overview of remote virtual assistant tools available to keep your offshore teams working properly and your business afloat, you will need a reliable partner to firstly connect with the perfect candidates. Virtual Team India can help you hire virtual employees from more than 45 domains to help streamline and run your business operations from an offshore location. With us, you get access to all the remote virtual employee management tools mentioned in this blog post series. To discuss your requirements, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you. You can also send us an email on or call us (IND)+91-8929347674 / (USA)+1 509-587-4587.