Why video marketing is crucial for your business?

From drooling over ‘Fonzie’ to living the dream with ‘Friends’, it is a proven fact that videos have always piqued the interest of viewers. In the light of the recent development in web-based content, especially with the rise of Youtube, Netfilix, and other streaming websites and app, the video content landscape has changed dramatically. Currently, video-based content is not just limited to TV shows and web-series, instead, it has become a great marketing tool as well. According to some studies, videos advertisements generate 600 times more conversions compared to its print counterpart. In fact, the mention of videos on an email subject line leads to better click-through rate. The amalgamation of the above factors has created a strong case for internet video marketing and many organizations now use a variety of video-content to market their offerings.

Hiring video marketing experts

In the wake of the developments in video content and marketing thereof, organizations have understood the need for a strong video marketer. While the prospect of hiring such a professional look simple at the outset, it is way more complex in the real world. There are various challenges facing businesses before they can on board a video marketing expert. Here we will outline few roadblocks that come in between organizations and video marketers.

  1. Quality of work: Even if you’d like to believe that you can find someone as good as Spielberg or Nolan, the reality is far away from such meandering thoughts. In the real world, organizations coalesce the efforts of in-house as well as outsourced resources to make a compelling video. Asides, videos also depend on a lot of other factors such as lighting, finding the perfect location, and many more. While such roadblocks can be averted with the help of animation, it comes with a cost. These factors in combination often act as a deterrent in hiring the perfect individual for the video marketing role.
  2. Budget constraint: Since video marketing is now an essential part of all marketing endeavours, organizations often have to shell out huge amounts to get quality work. While this is a non-issue for established businesses, it comes off as a nightmare for SMEs and start-ups that run on shoestring budget. Oftentimes, a well thought out video marketing strategy has to be pushed aside due to budget constraint.
  3. Lack of organized crew: Although, the need for video marketing is immense, unfortunately, not many organizations have a dedicated team catering to this arena. This leads to ample confusion and hence acts as a hinderance in the video marketing efforts.

Having analysed all the above factors, it is imperative that a solution that fits organizations of all sizes is incumbent. However, there hasn’t been much progress to that end. This is where virtual employees and assistants come in handy. Not only you get access to a efficient talent pool spread across the world, such professional add a different flare  to your organization’s overall vision for video marketing.


How Can Virtual Team India Help?

Virtual Team India is a trusted name when it comes to looking for professionals that can work as virtual employees for your business, from remote or offshore location in the world. And in niche areas like internet video marketing, Virtual Team India has a proven track record of providing highly skilled resources. The following are some of the reasons to choose us as your outsourcing partner when it comes to hiring virtual talent acquisition employees:

  • Ease of finding virtual employees from over 45 industry domains
  • Save on administrative and infrastructural costs
  • Help with remote virtual employee management tools
  • Offer seamless support in the hiring process

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