Yoga, in Sanskrit translates to ‘unity’ and is a spiritual discipline that focuses on aligning the body with the mind and the soul. Practicing yoga techniques daily have proven to be emotionally healing and effective in curing various types of diseases.

At Virtual Team India, a typical yoga session generally lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. Yoga sessions always begin with a warm-up session and then they transition to a series of yoga poses which finally ends with a short meditative session.

Following is an overview of the various kinds of yoga sessions that Virtual Team India offers:

  1. Yoga for Beginners

Today, Yoga isn’t oblivious to anyone!

You can access an immense amount of information on the web however, if you are new and novice to yoga, it can be extremely overwhelming. To ease this process, Virtual Team India has designed yoga classes specifically for beginners.

  1. Yoga for Seniors

It is often wondered whether yoga as an exercise is an option for the elderly or not. We would like to tell you that it is one of those exercises that can be practiced by any age group – People from all walks of life can benefit from yoga.

The main aim of Yoga for the seniors is to enhance flexibility and boost the immune system. Practicing yoga daily helps to keep the joints steady and flexible. Regular practice of yoga also helps to improve digestion and regulate blood pressure. However there are certain precautions that the elderly must adhere to while performing the yoga asanas:

  • It is highly recommended that the seniors do not over strain themselves. They must take adequate rest and breaks after each pose.
  • If you are going to try out new asana’s, make sure that you first give them a try before actively performing it. Also, you have to make sure that your body has first adjusted to your daily yoga routine before any new asana are performed.
  • Always, practice yoga under a certified or a trained yoga teacherand discuss your ailments with him/her.
  1. Yoga to combat Mental Illnesses

Due to the inadequate awareness, there is a lot of stigma associated with mental disorders.

Though there are many medical treatments and alternatives available for treating mental illnesses, practicing yoga daily can mitigate the symptoms of psychological disturbances to a great extent.

Practicing yoga daily has a very calming effect on the mind. It greatly helps to reduce aggression and agitation within oneself.

  1. Yoga to Combat Lifestyle Diseases

People are constantly making unhealthy choices and living lives that are extremely stressful. These hustle and bustle’s of modern life though exciting can significantly lead to disturbances in the functioning of body and mind. At Virtual Team India, We have often observed that those who practice yoga daily, even for 15 to 30 minutes have made significant changes in their lifestyle. Some of these are listed as below:

  • Practicing yoga daily helps to improve stamina and posture.
  • Practicing yoga poses like the down-ward facing dog, pigeon pose or extended triangle pose can significantly improve the flexibility of the body.
  • An everyday session of yoga especially the surya namaskaar and kapalbhati asana helps to boost body’s metabolism which in turn leads to weigh loss.
  • Practicing yoga poses like the sukhasana, uttanasana and sasangasana helps to reduce stress immensely.
  1. Yoga to prevent and cure heart diseases

A few decades ago, heart diseases were never that common but today, cardiovascular diseases are on the constant rise. Unhealthy eating habits and stressful lifestyles are a very common cause of the heart diseases that we see today.

Practicing yoga daily can help you attain a healthy heart!

  1. Yoga for diabetic patients

Diabetes is a condition in which the blood sugar levels are constantly high. If left untreated, diabetes can be extremely detrimental as it can cause kidney failure, vision loss, stroke or heart failure to nerve damage.

Diabetes cannot be cured but it can definitely go into remission by making some lifestyle changes. Apart from medication, diet control and regular exercises, practicing yoga daily has proven to be extremely beneficial for diabetic patients.

Yoga helps to regulate eating patterns which are extremely beneficial in regulating the lifestyle of a diabetic patient. There are many Yoga poses that can be practiced by diabetic patients, so If you are seeking to mitigate the effects of diabetes with yoga, you are at the right spot! We, at Virtual Team India have a team of expert yoga practitioners that can help you bring this holistic change in your lifestyle.

  1. Yoga for depression

Depression can often be misunderstood for emotional disturbance but if you often experience a constant sinking feeling or profound hopelessness, then you are suffering from depression. People with depression exhibit signs and symptoms that may range from being suicidal and extreme sadness to appetite loss.

Our Yoga therapists recommend combining various yoga asanas with dhyana (meditation) and kriyas (breathing techniques) to reduce the symptoms and keep the depression at bay!

  1. Yoga during Pregnancy

Many wonder if it’s safe to practice yoga during pregnancy but with the guidance of an experienced yoga therapist, it is not only safe but also beneficial, as it helps to release the stress and the pain.

The main goal of practicing yoga during pregnancy is to increase flexibility and reduce stress. Practicing yoga during pregnancy improves sleep, reduces headache, stress and lower back pain. The breathing exercises also helps prepare the mother for labor.

At Virtual Team India, we help you hire certified and experienced yoga therapists who will customize the yoga poses as per your requirements and guide you with the correct technique. Prenatal yoga poses is tailored to benefit both, the mother and the baby!

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How to Hire a Yoga Therapist?

Now, that you have heard all about yoga and it’s benefits, you are most probably wondering how do you actually hire a yoga therapist?

At Virtual Team India, we help you hire yoga therapists in your locality that are certified and experienced. We also offer yoga classes through the web, so that you can connect remotely to our yoga therapist and reap the benefits of yoga virtually.

You will be first required to fill in a request form that will take note of all your medical information, previous yoga exposure level, demographics and current lifestyle details. After receiving the details in, we will connect you with our expert yoga therapists who will guide you with the next steps of the process. If you are weary about signing up immediately, we at Virtual Team India also offer trials sessions so contact us, right away to explore yoga classes and bring a holistic change to your lifestyle!