Outsource Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing is a process of following up on insurance claims with healthcare insurance companies and receiving payments for the services and procedures rendered by the healthcare provider.

The process of medical billing involves various processes that yield towards optimizing the management of a practice’s revenue cycle! If your practice is struggling with cash flow and you are noticing that it is due to incorrect medical billing processes, it may be time to hire a medical billing service.

At Virtual Team India, we have experienced medical billers who have over 15 years of experience in handling medical billing processes of various clinics in the United States. Our medical billers are experienced, knowledgeable & well versed with Medicare, Medicaid and various other healthcare insurance policies in the United States. In addition to being well versed and experienced with health care insurance policies, we take HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations very seriously. We ensure that our medical billing professionals undergo a regular HIPAA training so that the patient data of our healthcare clients is always protected and secured.

Medical Billing Services Offered by Virtual Team India:

Virtual Team India provides end to end medical billing solutions as well as flexible services that are tailored to meet your requirements. Following are some of the medical billing services that we offer to our global clientele:

  • Demographic entry of the patients in the practice management system: This is one of the first processes and it involves either entering patient details or verifying details of patient that are revisiting the physician for a follow-up procedure. The patient demographic details are provided by the patient at the time of the visit and these details include name, date of birth, address, details of the insurance and the medical history. In case of a patient revisit, these details are then verified and if there are any updates with regards to address, insurance or medical history, the same will be updated in the medical software.
  • Verifying Insurances and Pre-certification of diagnostic tests: In this process, the client sends us an insurance card copy and demographic details of the patient either via email or fax. These details are then verified with the insurance company by a medical billing specialist. They will also verify and record per-certification for insurance coverage for lab tests and surgeries. Upon verification, the same details will be sent back to the physician’s clinic.
  • Claim Submissions and resubmissions: The next process involves analyzing all types of claims whether they are, paper or electronic. These claims undergo a series of quality checks – They are analyzed and then submitted by our medical billing specialist. If the claims are rejected due to any circumstances, they are again thoroughly analyzed and If there are any changes, then they corrected and re-submitted.
  • Payment Posting Process: This process involves entering payments which may be in the form of scanned checks or scanned explanation of benefits (EOB) into the medical practice management system which is reconciled daily by our medical billing specialist.
  • Denial Management Process: This process involves analyzing any sort of denial or an incomplete payment by the health insurance company. Our medical billing specialist at Virtual Team India aggressively follows up on all claims that have usually been denied and these denials are often resubmitted.

If you decide to outsource medical billing services to Virtual Team India, you will be assigned a revenue cycle manager to communicate with. In addition, you will be regularly updated through daily and weekly reports. These reports can be tailored and customized as per your requirements.

Why partner with Virtual Team India for medical billing services?

Virtual Team India’s medical billing service is competent in providing medical billing solutions to any practice size, be that small or large or of any specialty. As a leading medical billing service provider, Virtual Team India realizes the type of obstacles that healthcare practices faces daily with the insurance companies

Many of our clients have noticed a significant reduction of errors in their medical billing processes and in addition, they have also observed a significant improvement in the cash flow.

With Virtual Team India as your medical billing partner, you can focus on building your patient base while we focus on filing claims, following up on insurance claims and reducing denials.