Outsource Medical Coding Services  

Medical coding is a process that involves transforming diagnostic reports, health care procedures, medical services, and medical equipment into medical codes which are generally universal and alpha numeric in nature. These codes play a significant role in the medical claims process and are extremely crucial in obtaining insurance claims from the health care insurance companies.

Medical Coding Services include obtaining medical reports from the physician’s office which  includes various details like prescription details, condition of the patient, diagnosis details listed by the doctor and medical procedures or surgeries performed for the patient. They further analyze these reports to deduce information such as transcription of physician’s notes, radiology or laboratory results, surgery procedures etc. and assign appropriate codes so that there is no hindrance in claiming insurances.

Professional medical coders need to accurately review the medical data and then assign standard medical codes from CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II classification systems. At Virtual Team India, we have experienced medical coders who have over 15 years of experience with handling medical coding services in the United States. Our Medical coders are well versed with the codes of CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II classification systems.

In addition, Medical coders at Virtual Team India undergo a regular HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) training which ensures that the patient data of our health care clients is always secure.

Medical coding process is very closely linked to the medical billing process. They both are very different processes but incorrect input of information can significantly hamper the cash flow and disturb the revenue cycle. If you have noticed that there are errors being caused in revenue cycle management due to incorrect medical coding processes, it may be time to hire a medical coding service.

Medical Coding Services Offered by Virtual Team India:

Virtual Team India’s medical coders provide an end to end solution as well as flexible options so that you can opt for tailored services that will meet your practice’s requirements. Virtual Team India’s medical coding team offers the following coding services to our global health care clientele:

  • Denial Management due to Coding:
    One of the major reasons for denial of claims with the insurance companies is due to medical coding errors hence, it is imperative to have a comprehensive process for denial management. At Virtual team India, we follow 2 steps to prevent denial of claims. In the first step, we thoroughly evaluate the cause of denials and in the second step; we re-file the initially denied claims after making the required adjustments to the medical coding process.
  • Proficient Medical Coders: It is imperative to follow the classification system which is why we ensure that Virtual Team India’s Medical Coders are experienced and trained in each and every classification system. Virtual Team India’s medical coders have access to online medical coding software and are well-versed with the latest changes in CPT /HCPCS and ICD-10 codes.
  • Medical coding services across various clinical areas: Virtual Team India provides medical coding services across various clinical areas. One of the sub-specialties includes evaluation and management coding which is all about employing medical codes to support the medical billing process. The evaluation and management coding is specifically used by the health care providers so that their insurance claims are reimbursed by either private insurance companies or Medicare and Medicaid programs. Another sub-branch that Virtual Team India’s medical coders are proficient in is the inpatient and the outpatient coding services. There is also a separate team of medical coders who are proficient and experienced in handling Hierarchical condition category (HCC) medical coding which refers to a medical coding system used by the insurance companies to analyze a patient’s future medical needs.

These are to list some of the many medical coding services that we offer at Virtual Team India. We log all the services that we perform for our clients and if you decide to outsource medical coding services to us, we ensure that you will receive regular updates about the processes being performed for you.

Benefits of Outsourcing medical coding services to Virtual Team India:

  • We at Virtual Team India strictly adhere to all government regulations.
  • If you opt to hire Virtual Team India’s medical coding services, you will notice that there are fewer denials and the process of procuring insurance claims has significantly improved.
  • Virtual Team India ensures that medical coders undergo a regular HIPAA training so that they are 100% compliant.
  • Virtual Team India’s prime focus is to optimize revenue management for its healthcare clients so that they can concentrate on providing quality care to their patients.

Why hire medical coding services from Virtual Team India?

The accuracy with which the Medical coding process is carried out directly impacts your cash flow. Our medical coding teams are proficient in enhancing coding quality with accuracy thereby, reducing insurance claim denials. Virtual Team India’s medical coding service is competent in providing solutions to any practice size, be that small or large and any specialty.

As a leading medical coding service provider, Virtual Team India realizes how imperative it is to stay up to date with coding guidelines and the ever changing regulation which is why we make sure that our medical coders are trained for any changes or process upgrades.

With Virtual Team India as your medical coding partner, you can focus on providing great patient care and building your patient base while we focus on optimizing your medical coding process. So contact us, right away for outsourcing medical coding services!