Looking for top-notch architectural outsourcing services for your business? Need a partner who can provide you 2D, 3D renderings, and drawings with finesse? We are a reliable, economical, virtual staffing firm that focuses on quality. We provide comprehensive outsourcing for an array of services so if you don’t want to hire an in-house professional and need a team of architects working on your projects then we have the apt solution for you.

At Virtual Team India, you are our priority and we ensure that you get the best talent working on your projects without you needing to burn a lot of cash. Streamline your business operations and focus on your growth while we manage your staffing needs. Our recruiters are highly professional, well-experienced and understand your requirement well before they start making calls for hiring.

For all your architectural design needs, we make sure that we offer you the best in class within your budget so your projects are completed in time with assurance and high quality. We will take care of all of your staffing needs without you needing to spend thousands of dollars on the task. You won’t just save time but also money and energy that you would otherwise spend on in-house hiring and training of the hired candidates.

You can outsource architectural design services from us for these specializations:

  • 3D Architectural Animation

We offer a team of architects that provides crucial 3D walkthrough services which further provides the viewers with a 360-degree outlook of the properties. We visualize the whole buildings and provide all information like amenities offered in the property and provide a comprehensive animation to help viewers and potential buyers get a feel of the property. Our animation can be efficiently used for marketing purposes once the property is ready.

  • Landscape Design and Drafting Services

We will hire a team of experienced architects for you who will give you comprehensive master planning services, site analysis, and evaluation, cost approximation, 2D drafting and dealing of the interiors, and outdoors of the property.

  • 3D Architectural Rendering Services

We will hire a dedicated team of architects for you who will provide you comprehensive 3D architectural rendering services including designing master plans, product design, for commercial or residential buildings.

  • Architectural 3D Modeling Services

Our team of dedicated but virtual architects will help you get complete 3D modeling for your indoor and outdoor property.

  • Architectural Drawing/Drafting Services

As you work with our virtual team, we will provide you the best architectural drafting, designing, and mapping services for all of your property for cost-effective rates using the high-quality and latest software and tools.

These were just a few of our specializations for which we offer a virtual team of dedicated architects. We offer a lot more so if you have any requirement regarding architects in mind, give us a call or write to us and we will offer you exactly what you need for economical charges.

Benefits of offshore hiring by Virtual Team India

These days, more and more talent is looking for flexible working conditions and are making the move towards freelancing or virtual offices that allow them to work in their own time without needing to commute to offices. Being employed as a virtual employee has its own set of perks as you don’t have to go to the office and you can work on more than one project as you are not bound by one single office or business.

You can outsource architectural design services team through us and we will make sure that you get the best services for cost-effective rates needing to extend deadlines or worry about the poor quality of the project. By working with us and getting us to hire a virtual or remote team of architects for you, you would enjoy an edge over your competitors.

Talent from all across the world

By working with us, you would get the chance to work with new-age architects and engineers who will provide modern solutions to your problems. Moreover, you will get to work with talented professionals from all across the world without going over-budget.

Lower infrastructural cost

If you offer in-house architectural design services talent, you would have to pay the rent for the property, electricity bills, furniture cost, and equipment. And, if you are a startup then you would need to burn a lot of cash to get things in order and set up your office with in-house talent. While established businesses can handle the challenge, new-age small businesses can’t manage the capital. So, in this case, hiring a virtual team of professionals will help you in managing your resources, output without needing to pay for the infrastructure.

Higher Productivity

When you hire us for architectural outsourcing, we will arrange a whole team of talented professionals for you and you will enjoy higher productivity for a lesser cost. As the whole team will work from home and they will save the time used in commuting so this will improve their morale and productivity. Your team will work from their comfort zone which will indirectly boost their output. Often employees need a change of office scenery as they might get frustrated or bored at the office but working from home comes with its own set of advantages and comfort.

Latest equipment and technology

The dedicated team of professional architects we hire for you brings in their expertise and latest tools and technologies that you won’t have to invest in. So, this will also save you money as you won’t have to spend a penny on modern technology which will be taken care of by the team.

Save time

Working from home means the virtual team has to report by the hour and by the project for which there is a deadline. There won’t be any time-wasting on office breaks, coffee breaks or gossiping, etc. This will help you in cutting time by limiting unnecessary meetings or similar activities at the office.