You may be an established company but still not have the in-house resources to complete electrical engineering services projects. If you don’t have the staff, latest software, and technical know-how within the firm then you can use outsourcing services for all your staffing needs. Outsource electrical engineering services with us and you won’t regret your decision. You’d be happy to see professional, proficient, and highly experienced service providers working with your company without you needing you to hire the talent in-house.

If you need industrial electrical engineering but can’t manage the resources to provide the services to your clients in-house then we recommend that you come to us and let us take care of all of your recruitment needs.

Virtual Team India is a staffing firm that takes care of all recruitment needs for overseas projects. For example, if you are based out of the US or UK and need to outsource your projects and need professionals for that then all you need to do is give us a call and we will hire a whole team of professionals for you. You can outsource your projects of electrical engineering services with our help for a much lesser cost. We are a team of experienced recruiters who provide comprehensive staffing services for all of your needs. We will help you hire offshore (remote) professionals for your firm so whatever your budget is, just give us a call and we will omplete your projects within the time for cost-effective rates.

We Outsource Electrical Engineering Services for these specializations:

Electrical Instrumentation Services

We will hire suitable electrical engineers for you who provide comprehensive Electrical Instrumentation services for economical rates. Starting from the design, we will take care of installation, commissioning, ongoing inspection, maintenance, and every other activity that’s included in the process. We will keep the costs in control while our engineers will deliver efficient and flexible services to you.

Electrical Layout and Design

Electrical projects rely on the comprehensive design and layout which are the foundations of any system. We offer quality solutions and enhance design productivity and make sure that you get the best foundational designs using ECAD engines.

PCB Design and Layout

We undertake your entire PCB requirements and offer complete PCB design and layout using the latest technology and software with expertise.

In addition to these specializations, we offer offshore electrical engineering services for Electrical system design, hardware design services, solar panel design services, FPGA design services, Electrical schematic drawing, Electrical 2D drafting, Electrical equipment installation, power distribution management, control system architecture, etc.

If you want to outsource commercial electrical engineering then contact us to get the best quote in the market. Our process is quite detailed; we first understand what your requirement is and then start hiring for your project. The biggest benefit is that you will be growing with the modern age and won’t have to bear the infrastructural costs of setting up an office for your employees and hire costly equipment.

How do you benefit from our offshore electrical engineering services?

We are an experienced engineering service provider and our team of professional electrical engineers is highly adept at conceptualization, designing, remodeling, upgrades, new constructions, lighting services, consultancy, maintenance and support, troubleshooting issues, etc. Here are the key reasons why you should choose us for your outsourcing services:

We are affordable

We offer the lowest possible charges in the whole industry based on the complexity of the project and we consider other factors like the skills, expertise of the professionals we hire to give you the quote.

High-quality service

We only provide the best services to our clients and ensure that they get best the possible services from our professionals. The team we hire is handpicked by expert recruiters after several rounds of screening focusing on their skills and expertise.

Scalable services

If you suddenly want to increase the demand of delivery, we have the resources to handle it well. We have the right set of tools, system, resources and expertise to handle any volume of demand from our clients.


We are highly flexible and we offer services in a way that suits our clients. We can ramp up and down based on your requirement and we won’t charge you superfluously so you can rely on us.

Services as per industry standards

We adhere to all industry standards while offering offshore electrical engineering services. Drop us a mail if you would like to know all about the industry standards we keep in mind and adhere to when providing electrical engineering services,

24*7 Support

Our electrical engineers will be available 24*7 for all of your needs and we will make sure that you get the right solution for all of your problems without any hassle or delay.

Seamless offshore hiring

Virtual Team India is a leading name in offshore recruiting and staffing. If you want extended teams for your growing business needs but don’t want to hire a special in-house resource for it then contact us and we will give you exactly what you need. You may be a start-up or a well-established business and still need certain resources for your expanding business needs.

Our principle is simple, focus on your core functions while we do the hiring for you, and handle your projects. You will find yourself inching closer to your business goals while we take the load off the operations. We prioritize client satisfaction and top-notch services at Virtual Team India and we ensure that you get the best electrical engineering services for cost-effective rates.