Manage IT Services

The world is digitized and computers are now used for every minute task in offices. Computerization has helped in speeding up tasks and improving productivity and it has become mandatory for businesses to implement latest technologies in their business to maximize their output.

At Virtual Team India, an engineering outsourcing company, we offer all sorts of remote engineering services that you can outsource at cost-effective rates. By engineering outsourcing services to India will help you get the top-notch talent onboard without needing to burn a hole in your pocket. India is known for its technical talent and the country is becoming a fast growing capital of technology so there is an abundance of engineers keen on working on challenging projects.

Outsource engineering to India and relax while the team handles all of your projects with finesse.
At our outsourcing engineering firm, Virtual Team India, we cater to all of your engineering services needs and provide an array of services like:

What is our process for outsourcing engineering talent? 

We don’t have just one size fits all approach but instead we analyze individual demands by our clients and provide solutions according to that. Over the last years, we have catered to numerous clients and have gained immense experience in providing the appropriate engineering services.

We first analyze what outsource engineering services the client needs and prepare a draft then we screen numerous candidates that suit our profile. After that, we follow couple of intensive rounds of interview with a skill assessment round and finally, we choose the candidates for our process by confirmation from client.

Benefits of outsourcing engineering services 

We have a vast team of recruiters who source through different portals and screen hundreds of candidates for each engineering profile. We believe in performing at the top level and sourcing only the best for our clients and provide the services for all sorts of engineering needs.

  • Our services are cost effective: Remote outsourcing of engineers will cost you much lesser than hiring a team of engineers on your own in your own country.
  • Our services are fast: India is a den of engineering talent so we have extensive choice in terms of hiring candidates and at competitive rates.
  • Engineers will be on our payroll: Engineers we hire for you will be on our (third party) payroll so you won’t have to worry about the taxes that come with a larger organization.
  • Available 24*7: When you outsource to us, we make sure that you get the best at all times of the day. So whatever your operation hours are, our engineers will be willing to work according to that.