Software Testing and QA Services

Outsource Software Testing and QA Services

Software testing is playing an essential role in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It involves the process of evaluating the functionality of any software application. The testing is required to find out whether the developed software meets the needed requirements or not. Except for this, the offered service is used for identifying different defects and safeguard the products to deliver them in a quality way.

In simple terms, the testing is done to compare the actual results with the expected one to make the software defect free. In real, by doing the software testing process, one can quickly identify the gaps, errors or any kind of missing requirements. The whole thing can be done manually or automated tools.

The software testing is generally done in two steps –

Validation – The step includes a diverse set of tasks, which guarantee that the developed software is excellently created and meet the customer’s requirements.

Verification – There is a specific set of tasks to make sure that the developed software is correctly implemented in a proper manner.

Importance of Software testing any company

Clearly, it is seen that the importance of software testing is quite overbearing. Most of the times, there are many companies who skip this step not only to save money, but the time too. This, in turn, results in business to get suffered. Here are some of the points that help you in clearing out the confusion of doing software testing.

Pointing out the defects

The testing process is definitely required or pointing out the defects or any kind of gaps in software. So, the programmer can rule out such errors and match up with the expected results.

Show high reliability

It is exemplary to make sure that the customer’s get reliable services and satisfaction at their end.

Saves your money

Note down that the testing comes up with a plethora of benefits and is present as a cost-effective solution. In the longer run, the software testing saves money. The complete software development process gets completed and it is necessary that the flaws get caught in the early stage. Thus, doing software testing is highly prioritized.

Provide security

Security is another point to add to the benefit of doing software testing. In exact words, this is the most sensitive part of the development of software. The customers out here are looking for a trusted range of products. By doing the software testing, the user definitely gets a reliable product, keep all the data safe, problems get eliminated easily, and eliminate the future coming troubles.

There are numerous software tests available by which you can check a product’s reliability. Some of them include manual testing, automation testing, performance testing, and maintenance testing. All these tests are verified on different levels like unit, integration, system, and acceptance.

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Functional Testing

One of the methods of testing software is functional testing which is generally done to check the required functionality. Each test is done by giving specific input, and the output is examined likewise. The testing is not concerned about the processing; what matter is the result of processing. The experts make use of Black Box Testing technique that includes internal logic of any system.

Usability Testing

Usability testing or also known as non-functional testing is done from the user’s end by keeping all perspective in mind. This makes sure that software is ready to use. The researchers keep observing tasks given to the users and check whether any problems occurred or not. Mentioned are certain parameters on which this test is done – total time to use the software, measure the user’s productivity, valid assessment of a user’s attitude and level of skill required in term of using the software.

UI Testing

As the name suggests, UI Testing is a simple technique meant for identifying the errors in software. The whole process is done using a graphical user interface (GUI). No doubt, UI testing is an integral part of software quality checking.  The virtual staff hired by Virtual Team India is expert in doing UI testing. We know how much it is essential to check software efficiency. The experts usually verify that UI elements respond significantly to the user’s actions.

Configuration Testing

Configuration testing is one of the profound tests done to check an application having multiple software and hardware. It is generally done to discover the optimal configurations on which a system works. This testing helps in eradicating all kinds of bugs or errors. To handle such testing, you definitely need an expert who is skilled enough to perform this test and believe in giving long effects. In short, a configuration test is required for authorizing an app’s behavior in different environments.

Acceptance Testing

It is quite important for software to undergo a test related to its acceptability. The prime aim of this testing is to analyze any system’s compliance with your company’s requirements. Mentioned are some of the different forms of acceptance testing – User acceptance, Business acceptance, Alpha and Beta testing.

Acceptance testing is considered as the last step taken in the software testing process. For this, it is essential to keep a check on the production-like testing environment. This is what required for a smooth end-to-end business flow.

Cross-Platform Testing

Cross-Platform, another test in a line of software testing is a specialized testing procedure needed for verifying the appropriateness of your software on different platforms. Today, there are various new gadgets and devices we come across that allow us easy accessibility. The number of platforms is endless when a product is designed on the basis of multiple platforms. Undeniably, this is a critical phase counted in the quality assurance process.

Compatibility Testing

One of the software testing procedures, compatibility testing is required for guaranteeing the compatibility between numerous applications, websites, and even systems. All these are basically designed on objects like hardware, browsers, platforms, and users. What do you understand by compatibility? It is nothing but the ability of things to live or work together. The compatibility test is done to check the same. Virtual Team India hires the virtual staff that is excellent in performing this compatibility test. This test is done to verify hardware, software, browser, mobile, versions, devices, network and operating systems.

Integration Testing

A new level of software testing, Integration testing is a kind of test by which numerous units are perfectly combined and tested a group. The primary purpose of this test is to find out the flaws present in between integrated units. In another term, it is used for testing the interface present in between module or software units. Note down the integration strategies indulged in performing Integration testing. These are named as Top Down integration, Hybrid Integration, Big-Bang integration, and Top-Down integration.

Load and Stress Testing

By reading the term ‘Load and Stress Testing’ what actually you understand by this. Load testing is defined as a process in which the user load is stimulated on software or website to check how it behaves on both normal and high loads. This, in turn, results in showing how a system or software performs under an expected load. On the other hand, stress testing is meant for determining the real stability of any system. Thus, it is regarded as a non-functional testing method that makes use of auto-generated stimulation model.

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Localization and Internationalization Testing

Connecting with customers is quite remarkable when you are running a website. Though, the websites are nowadays available in multiple languages. Localization is a term defined as a general process of accepting a product based on region, language or locale. On the contrary, Internationalization is regarded as a process needed for developing or designing an application, product or content. Localization and Internationalization testing are also present as a non-functional testing method required for software testing. On other terms, this testing method is used to check whether the application is efficaciously adapted in different languages or not.

Security Testing

Security testing is nothing but a way by which you can test software ability to reveal the vulnerabilities, risks or threats present in a system. By performing this test, a company can easily find out the loopholes and weakness of any system. So, there cannot be any loss of information revenue or reputation of an organization. Security testing focuses on system software security, network security, client-side application security, and server-side application security. Virtual Team India hires a highly skilled staff for your company so that they can easily meet the challenge related to security.

Data Migration Testing

Going with the name, Data Migration testing is defined as an authentication process needed for migration of any legacy system turned to a new system with the help of minimal downtime or any disruption. This is done to keep the data integrity safe without losing any data. The migration testing is done at the time when your business dynamics changed or when the organizations end up in merging. By hiring the staff from Virtual Team India, you can give a new dimension to your business.

Automation Testing

Automation testing is a kind of testing which is normally performed by using automation tool. In true sense, this test is performed in order to authorize the software functions and know whether they are capable of meeting the client’s requirements before any release of software or product. A well-automated process, Automation testing is designed for large projects.

E-Commerce Testing

E-commerce is taking its own space in this competitive world for offering various products online. Therefore, it is quintessential to check the software used in the E-commerce website to rectify the errors and adds value. The test is performed to monitor software quality, reliability, assurance, optimum performance, and capacity utilization. Testing E-commerce on a regular basis is a necessary act to enhance the user’s interface.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing is a trusted way known for testing the usability, functionality, and consistency of application software used in mobile. This testing can be manual or automated testing used for measuring the positive comments and number of downloads. Not only this, an organization can also fix out the bugs. As the number of mobile devices increasing, so do the apps. So, testing becomes vital to check app survival. Virtual Team India is indulging in hiring both rural and virtual staff

Performance Testing

Determining any system’s performance is essential in terms of speed, responsiveness, stability, and scalability. To evaluate the things, performance testing is a really important thing to do. This testing is done to regulate system performance. One of the non-functional techniques, the testing is highly required for checking the quality attributes. Some of the performance testing techniques include – load testing, stress testing, spike testing and soak testing. Virtual Team India is a trusted company who hires a virtual staff which is excellent in performing the tests to give a reliable result.