Hire Travel Nurse:

Travel nurse hiring is a concept that was developed to combat the shortage of nursing staff in a health care unit but what exactly are travel nurses?

Travel nurses are registered nurses who are qualified in various clinical areas. They are usually on-boarded either on a temporary or a permanent basis by health care units if they are short of the nursing staff.

Hiring travel nurses allows healthcare departments to function effectively and efficiently during instances of patient care staff shortage. Travel nurses can either be hired either for contractual positions that may range between 6 months to a year and beyond or they can be hired as fixed and full term employees.

Virtual Team India is a premium medical staffing agency that is specialized in providing skilled staff for various types of services to global clients. Nurses from India are proficient in English language, have an equivalent nursing education and know how to adapt to international patient care standards.

We, at Virtual Team India have a substantial database of Indian nurses that are trained to meet the requirements of Unites States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and United Arab Emirates health care industry standards.

When should hospitals and health care units opt to hire travel nurses?

  • Specialized skill set requirements: There might be instances when a health care unit requires nurses with a specific skill set but their current nursing staff may not be qualified in that clinical area. During such instances, travel nurses provide a stand by solution. They can travel from India until the department is able to recruit permanently for that specific skill set. Virtual Team India’s travel nurses have an extensive experience in various specialized nursing fields like psychiatric, pediatric, dialysis nursing etc.
  • Hire Travel Nurses for contractual to full time positions: Apart from fulfilling a specialized skill set requirement, health care units have often sought to hire travel nurses to fulfill any type of contractual position. Travel nurses can help bridge any staffing gaps by attending to patient demand.

Why choose Virtual Team India’s Travel Nurse Services:

  • Reduce staffing costs: Healthcare units generally employ travel nurses to reduce their staffing costs. As a premier staffing agency, Virtual Team India provides health care retirement plan and paid days off to their employees which is why, you will not incur any of these costs. In addition, Hiring traveling nurses also eliminates costs associated with recruitment.


  • Employee burnout prevention: If your nursing care unit is short staffed, it can cause emotional exhaustion and employee dissatisfaction. Hiring travel nurses will eliminate this situation and help you resolve this problem.


  • End to end solutions: As a leading medical staffing agency, we want to ensure that our clients always receive an end to end solution! Once your health care unit expresses interest in hiring travel nurses and a business contract is finalized, we at Virtual Team India will ensure that the candidate is carefully screened. We ensure that thorough background checks are conducted and post the evaluation, we process all the visa formalities of the candidate. In addition, you are provided with employee references to ensure that the candidate has relevant experience and skills required for the job!
  • Services tailored to meet your requirements and needs: As a global recruiter in the medical staffing industry, we understand that you may have situations that are not met with and thus, we have a special recruitment team that ensures to fulfill the requirements of your health care units.


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Why partner with Virtual Team India’s Travel Nurse Services?   

As a premier medical staffing agency, Virtual Team India understands global requirements! Our team works with your medical professionals to understand your requirements and this enables us to maintain the highest level of patient care within your hospital.

We ensure that our travel nursing services will add value to your entity!