Exploring explainer videos and hiring remote video development expert

Explainer videos are now hogging the limelight when it comes to marketing a company’s products and services. The era of video marketing has just ushered in and a myriad of organizations are adopting video-based content as their key marketing strategy. However, before plunging into creating an explainer video, let’s explore what exactly it is.

What is an explainer video?

Typically, an explainer video demonstrates a company’s story (how it started and what its vision is) or explains its product and services. Although, we are acquainted with a plethora of explainer video formats, most of them are animated.

Explainer videos ought to be short and to the point that tells who you are and what you offer in a concise manner. Check out our homepage that contains such a video explaining the Knicks and knacks of virtual hiring.

Types of explainer videos

There are various types of explainer videos; however, to make the most of it, you will have to determine what purpose your video serves. It is imperative to understand your target audience and create video that arrests their attention.

Let’s now explore some of the most popular types of explainer videos:

  • 2D character animation videos: One of the most popular types, this type of explainer video combines characters and characters in a 2D space and sets the stage for your offerings to be displayed.
  • 2D motion graphics videos: Considered as the straightforward and concise type of video, it is suited for organizations that have a complicated product suite and want to simplify it for the audience.
  • 5 And 3D videos: Emulating 3D environment is the backbone of such videos. It has emerged as the hot favorite of organizations from all walks of the industry.
  • White board animation videos: This type of video making involves drawing black and white sketches to explain a particular product or services. It is one of the most popular types of explainer videos as it provides deeper insight to an organization’s product line.

Why hiring video development expert is important?

If you’re already pumped up by the concept of explainer videos, you might think about hiring an expert. Here, we will explore why hiring a remote video development expert is crucial. Let’s begin.

  • Video making is an arduous process that involves a lot of stakeholders. Usually, large organizations hire a company to get things done, however, for businesses running on shoestring budget, a production company might not be right choice. Such organizations can save costs by hiring a remote video development expert.
  • Currently, videos are synonymous to engagement that transalates to more sales. Therefore, hiring a video development expert is eventually going to boost up your organization’s sales volume and attract new customers.
  • Making an explainer video isn’t the difficult part, weaving a story around it is. This is where an expert can come in and unleash his/her story telling ability. Therefore, hiring such professional will ensure that your videos have a compelling story to tell, which will be instrumental in attracting new customers.
  • As today’s world is dictated by social media and digitization, the video landscape too is affected by its influence. We need to keep up with the changing trends. And a video development expert can help you stay on top of the game.

Now, you might think where to get such smart remote employees that can assist your organization in actualizing its vision. Don’t worry Virtual Team India has your back. Reach out to us to get hold of a wide talent pool encircling various domain.

Get the Virtual Team India Advantage

With so much to do in creating an explainer video, organizations might be overwhelmed with the administrative, infrastructure, and other costs related to it. Asides’, having a separate team for the same adds fuel to the fire.

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