The competition amongst the firms providing structural engineering services is indeed high and if you feel that you may be lagging in talent then it’s time you let us take over all of your staffing needs. You may be an established company or a start-up but who’s to say that you won’t have staffing needs and won’t require sophisiticated engineering talent from all across the world for a much lesser cost? The best solution for your staffing needs is Virtual Team India.

At Virtual Team India, we offer comprehensive offshore structural engineering services for cost-effective charges. If you are finding it difficult to survive the growing competition and change in the modern era, then you should consider our remote structural engineering services. The idea is simple, you hire us to do you bidding in the recruitment market and we will hire a whole team of talented, expert, and highly experienced structural engineers for you who will complete your projects within time. The benefit of having a virtual team work for you is that you won’t have to pay for office establishment costs, subsidiary costs, and keep the team on your payroll even when you don’t have projects.

We offer recruitment services for offshore structural engineering design services for any company. We cover a wide spectrum of structural engineering services comprising commercial, residential, industrial, environmental or civil projects.

Our sphere of structural design services covers the following specializations and analysis services:

High Rise and industrial Structures Design and Analysis

We use the latest technology and industry-standard tools to conduct design and comprehensive analysis on all sorts of residential and commercial buildings. For information, get in touch with us now!

Ship Deck Design and Drafting Services

We offer the latest, technologically advanced drawings to design accurate and steadfast ship deck designs for manufacturers and international clients.

We also offer custom homes Design and analysis, retrofitting, and rehabilitation of currently existing structures, structural design, and drafting services among others. For an exhaustive list of structural engineering services that our remote team offers, get in touch with us immediately.

Why consider outsourcing structural engineering services?

There are many benefits to hiring a firm that does the hiring and staffing part for all of your structural engineering needs. We are listing down some of them below so read on and find out how you can benefit your company with offshore talent.

Hire appropriate talent

As a staffing firm based in India, we will only hire the professionals who you need. You will get the freedom to employ only relevant talent that meets your comprehensive and long-term business goals. You won’t have to worry about the subsidiary costs and payroll employment.

Access a wider choice of talent

When you outsource Offshore structural services, you get a wider choice of talent from all across the world as people will be working remotely for you. As virtual office space is the new thing, outsourcing is great for hiring talent from anywhere in the world. You will be better able to find an appropriate service provider that offers the right combination of quality work, timely service, and economical cost.

Access to high-quality professionals

We will hire staff for you and for this, we will screen candidates from all across the world and make sure that you get only the best of the best. You are not bound by any geographical boundaries but instead, you will get to source talent from the engineering hotspots of the world.

Save infrastructural cost

Offshoring will help you cut down the infrastructural costs associated with setting up a business physically. If you are a startup and need people working on your projects but can’t manage the capital to set up a physical office or buy equipment then you should consider offshore structural services. You won’t end up paying the variable costs or fixed costs of setting up a physical space for an office. Moreover, you will get the chance to work with global talent. You won’t have to hire costly equipment either for your business as the engineers working on your project will bring their expertise and equipment onboard.

Focus on growth

As a business, you can focus on your foundational domains instead of working on every aspect of your business through outsourcing. Your business executives can focus on growth and bringing more projects while you get your projects outsourced from external resources (remote structural engineers’ team). By delegating and decentralizing the core functions and engineering work, you will have more time to focus on your expansion and quality of the work.

Moreover, with outsourcing, you will be better able to focus on the quality of the end product or service which will help you provide improved experience to your customers or clients.

Why hire offshore structural engineering design services from Virtual Team India?

  1. Virtual Team India has plenty of experience in handling offshore engineering design services and we will be able to handle all of your back-office operations with our active team and remote team.
  2. We offer super innovative, creative, and out-of-the-box solutions for all sorts of hurdles and make sure that you get the best solution for your engineering services.
  3. With our remote structural engineering services, you will get access to the best of the best and we will ensure that you get value for money services without exceeding the deadlines for your projects.
  4. We have an unmatched zeal for work and ever-increasing passion for quality so we assure you that you will always get top-notch quality of work from us.
  5. We prioritize customer satisfaction and our whole team focuses on providing utmost satisfaction to our clients so we leave no stone unturned to make your project a reality.
  6. Lastly, we must mention that we hire only the best and highly skilled team for you that’s experienced in virtual operations and handling of the projects.

Got a question? Get in touch with our team now to get a quote and answers to all of your doubts.