The Importance of Virtual Employee

Defining Virtual Employee

In this era of technological advancement infused with artificial intelligence (AI) and technology like machine learning, the need of having virtual employees, to some extent, has become an imperative. So what is a virtual employee? Just like your regular employee serving your company, virtual employees are in-house employees who is, most likely, is working from an office that is halfway around the

virtual employee
virtual employee

globe. You can be face to face with your employee but via technology like Internet, video conferencing, and so on.

Why should you hire a virtual employee?

Now, that’s a tricky yet simple question to answer. Employing virtual employee is really (and not only virtually) beneficial for the employer/company/organization. Large, medium-sized, and small companies are now in the run of appointing virtual employees, and the primary reason is cost-effectiveness. You don’t have to spend money to provide a space for your virtual employee and moreover, you are getting access to a global pool of talent without arranging for costly conventional interviews. There lies the efficacy of virtual employee. Moreover, by appointing virtual employees you are providing yourself with the chance to collaborate with talents belonging to different geographical region and cultural backgrounds.

So, virtual employees are freelancers, right?

No, in this case you are wrong. Virtual employees may choose to work according to their convenience but they have to look after the company’s needs and demands just like a full time employee. Moreover, the two words, viz. employee and freelancer are different both from the literally and professional perspectives. Virtual employees are just like full-time employees only working from a place located in a different geographical location.

So, why should I hire virtual employees?

The answer is quite simple – for cost efficiency and for being more product- or service-oriented without spending much in the administrative processes. By hiring virtual employees you with adding talent to your pool of employee within a lesser recruitment budget (though I am not talking about any salary compromise). Adding talented individuals to your team without minimal overhead you are just in the right track of reducing the administrative burden and transforming the concentration on driving profit rather than managing bulk of conventional tasks.
Finally, appoint virtual employee to decrease your strategic workload within the workplace, and to gain increased liberty of putting more emphasis on the core business processes. This will help you control your core processes with precision without thinking much about the complications and complexities related to the management of an administrative team that conventionally look after the core business process.

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