Top Virtual Assistant Tools to Hire and Manage Remote Employees

The age of globalization has brought with it the concept of outsourcing. No matter your core business, you will need a strong workforce backing your business operations. The only challenge is that you may not find the best talent for running your business operations in your area. You may need to go beyond borders to hire skilled professionals. Even if you find the ideal talent, bringing them across borders and setting up an infrastructure is a hassle and added expense. Virtual Team India can connect you with talented professionals in India who can work as remote virtual employees for your organization. You will also get access to various tools you can use to interview and manage your virtual employees from the convenience of your office. This blog is the first installment in a two-part blog series, where we list some of the top virtual assistant tools you can use to hire and keep a track of your business operations run at offshore locations.


Skype is one of the most used channel of professional communication around the world, with useful features you can use for business collaborations and conducting interviews. Skype is available across all communication platforms including smartphones, desktops, laptops, and smartwatches. Besides messaging, you can also make audio and video calls with ease, given that you have an internet connection on both ends. Skype for Business is a customized workspace for businesses, where you can easily form groups, schedule calls, and get connected to professionals across borders.


A widely used remote control tool, TeamViewer can help you share screens with your virtual employees anywhere in the world. The tool can be used across different channels of communication including mobile devices, computers, and laptops. You can not only monitor the screen at the other end, but you can also also operate the screen at the other end by sharing screens. TeamViewer also enables you to download files from the other device, and make upload any file you want. Every TeamViewer session requires a unique for both the devices to connect, ensuring unmatched protection from viruses and fraudulent access.


AnyDesk is another remote access tool that incdividuals and businesses use to get access to a remote device. The tool has an in-built file transfer feature that enables you to send and receive files to and from the connected remote device. Any session you run on AnyDesk, with any other device, can be recorded. The tool runs on multiple devices including tablets, smartphones, and desktops, and multiple operating systems including Linux, iOS, and Windows. The sessions are end-to-end encrypted for maximum privacy and protection from malware and unwanted device access.

The Way Forward

Now that you have a list of virtual assistant tools for collaborating and connecting with remote employees, you get a platform where you can get access to all such tools and a rich network of virtual employees, specializing in their respective fields. Virtual Team India can help you connect with virtual employees from more than 45 business domains, who can help you achieve your business goals and new levels of success. Start by filling out our contact form and our representatives will get back to you with further information. You can also email us at or call +91-892934767.

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